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Shandong Sanxing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994, Shandong Sanxing Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary, the company has total assets of 500 million yuan, including fixed assets of 300 million yuan. An area of 35 square meters, more than 600 employees. Now is the largest professional production of lightweight vehicle production, dehydration, concentration, drying and starch fermentation equipment manufacturer. Its leading product concentration, drying equipment has passed ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification, ISO-18000 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification.

Company has the most advanced automated production equipment, high standard of welding laboratory, nondestructive lab, has built the production scale of 3000 aluminum alloy tank semi-trailer, CangShan type semi-trailer, van transport semi-trailer, liquid transportation vehicle, such as production lines, advanced package machine, puzzle automatic welding machine, automatic girth welding, hydraulic type machine and other top art equipment, realize the large-scale, precise, the modern production.Produced "lightweight vehicle" series of products, lighter than ordinary carbon steel trailer 3-4 tons, light energy conservation and environmental protection, transportation capability is strong, can greatly reduce the production cost, is the best choice for high efficiency and energy saving, green logistics.Group sets of shandong yulin operation navigation equipment for special alloy co., LTD., lightweight vehicles for the company's production material provides a reliable guarantee.

Over the years, the company with many institutions of higher learning and Germany vetter (sweet) company cooperation, key development concentrate drying equipment, starch sugar, oil extraction equipment.The company has the third type of pressure vessel and pressure pipe manufacture, installation qualification.Company has launched a multiple effect evaporator, high efficiency and energy saving heat tube bank dryer, air drying machine, crystal machine, all kinds of transportation equipment, pressure vessel, germ silo, intelligent three-dimensional garage, etc., widely services in all walks of life, are very popular with the masses of customers.

The company has domestic first-class advanced equipment, CNC laser cutting machine, CNC drilling machine, CNC lathe, automatic welding machine, shearing machine, bending machine, bending machines and various machining equipments, complete equipments.Company established a first-class level of welding laboratory, nondestructive measure, to ensure the welding quality and the safety of pressure vessels.First-class equipment, first-class technology, first-class product quality.Company with Germany Witt, shandong petrochemical design institute, jiangnan university, tianjin university and other units for technical cooperation, won several national patents;Pioneered the domestic most advanced tube bank dryer, dehydration drying machine and the multiple effect evaporator, heat because of its high technical content, obvious effect of energy conservation, best-selling products at home and abroad, well received by the masses of users.Company for many years been the financial sector AAA grade credit enterprise, the products were rated as "quality, service, reputation, consumer trustworthy products, won the new technology, new results, new product selection in shandong province will" gold award ", etc., the company has been rated as the national user "satisfactory product quality and after-sales service satisfaction" demonstration units, binzhou city science and technology private enterprise, advanced private enterprise, the enterprise of observing contract and so on many honors.

Company geographical location, east of zibo, jinan west, south jiaoji railway, 45 kilometers away from jinan international airport, jiqing highway through the zouping XianJing, 309 national highway connecting major cities, the large-tonnage famous port in China - green island in the east port, sea and land transportation is very convenient, tireless samsung for the general customers to provide quality professional services, the company will in line with the "people-oriented, the pursuit of excellence" spirit of enterprise, use up Honesty is the masses of users to provide more quality products, more perfect service, sincerely hope to become the people from all walks of life partner.

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