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Light weight and high strength aluminum alloy for the Sanxing lightweight automobile industry fast development of overweight

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As society and people's awareness of energy saving, environmental protection has become the market parties to focus on the topic, along with weight reduction is also widely applied to ordinary automotive sector, while improving handling as well as excellent fuel economy performance. In this area, Shandong Yu Hang Special Metal Gear Co., Ltd. based industrial advantages, boosting the Group headquarters lightweight special vehicle industry projects have sprung up everywhere.

It is reported that the car's fuel consumption depends mainly on engine displacement and the total mass of the car, while maintaining the overall vehicle quality, performance, and cost the same or even optimized the premise of reducing the car's own weight can increase the output power, reduce noise and enhance handling reliability, increase the speed and reduce fuel consumption, reduce emissions and enhance safety. Studies have figures show that if the automobile 10 percent weight reduction, fuel efficiency can be increased by 6% -8%; if 10% reduction in rolling resistance, fuel efficiency can be increased by 3%; if the transmission efficiency axles, transmissions and other devices by 10 %, fuel efficiency can be increased by 7%. Auto Body about 30% of the total mass of cars, under no-load conditions, about 70% of the fuel used on the body mass. Thus, the body becomes light for vehicle fuel economy, vehicle stability control, collision safety are of great benefit.

Therefore, lightweight vehicles have broad prospects for development, studies have shown that the use of cars instead of steel per 1KG aluminum, can reduce their quality of 2.25KG, weight loss effect up to 125%. While in the car throughout the service life, but also reduce emissions 20KG. In car terms, aluminum extrusions mainly used in anti-lock braking system ABS, car doors, skylights track, bumpers and other aspects. Trucks mainly used in car to help, cars and some special vehicles (eg refrigerated trucks freezer plate), container and so on.

Light weight aluminum alloy profiles compared with steel, strength, density is only 2.7g / cm^3, is the preferred profile lightweight vehicles. To meet the development trend of lightweight cars, Shandong Yu Hang Special Alloy Co., Ltd. generous construction equipment to 125MN Five 36MN extrusion production lines, production equipment and process technology leader, specializing in the production of aluminum extrusion profiles, including rail cars cabinet profiles , vehicle profiles, such as large cross section, complicated cross-section aluminum extrusions, can produce a variety of different car classes required profiles for fast help the development of automotive lightweight overweight.

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