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Sanxing Group, the market demand pushing lightweight truck project

Source :Samsung Machinery     Add Time : 2015-03-10     PV :

Since the current stage of global trend driven by energy saving, lightweight automobile industry is the inevitable trend of development, the market demand will be growing. Sanxing Group assist sustainable transport, independent research and development of lightweight truck series products into mass production.

The new environmentally friendly aluminum car transporter is dedicated new products, in terms of economic, social, or from the safety and environmental point of view, has incomparable superiority, it is a trend within the industry. The so-called lightweight vehicles, is to use scientific methods and means to optimize the design of automotive products, in ensuring the premise of automobile comprehensive performance through the use of new materials to reduce the weight of its own as automotive products, achieve weight loss, energy, environmental protection, composite indicator security. Sanxing Group is committed to the lightweight truck industry leader, developed and launched a lightweight aluminum-magnesium alloy tankers and other products, the use of national advanced technology and equipment, enterprise productivity and product advantages.

It is understood that the lightweight truck has the following advantages: more secure; lower operating cost, lighter weight, higher payload; good quality oil transportation; better fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions, greener , in line with national energy conservation policy; longer life; more beautiful; resistant to corrosion; high recycling value, development prospects are considerable.

Sanxing's lightweight truck project based on the group of industrial advantages, has annual output of 3,000 sets of scale aluminum tanker trailer production lines, the use of advanced packet tank machine, puzzle machine, automatic girth welding, hydraulic machines and other advanced up process equipment, become a professional production of high-strength lightweight truck high-tech projects. The production of aluminum-magnesium alloy tank semi-trailer, aluminum-magnesium alloy Stake transport trailer and other "special lightweight car" series, 3-4 tons lighter than conventional steel trailer, lightweight energy-saving and environmental protection, transport capacity, can significantly reduce transportation costs, it is energy efficient, the best choice for green logistics.

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