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Sanxing Machinery company successfully through the production capacity to ensure consistency review

Source :Samsung Machinery     Add Time : 2015-02-12     PV :

According to the provincial, city and county by letter Bureau "on further strengthening the vehicle manufacturers and product management notice", recently, the city and county leadership to the Commission by letter, Sanxing Machinery Company workshop lightweight review process to ensure conformity of production capacity.

Group SUN Xi, deputy general manager, executive manager of the company Li Jianchun hospitality mechanical audit leadership. City and county leaders are lightweight mechanical company dedicated car production plant production capacity and site conditions to view, while strictly review the log files according to the production capacity to ensure consistency review form, the relevant departments quality assurance department, technology department, production department Supply, announcement, sales have carried out eleven reviewed to ensure production consistency.

It is reported that, the vehicle manufacturer is to produce the main responsibility for the management of consistency, should establish and improve the consistency of production management system to ensure product consistency vehicle, which is to ensure the technical parameters of the actual production and sale of vehicle products, configuration and performance indicators.

Finally, through a comprehensive review, Sanxing Machinery Company successfully passed the review. City and county leaders in audit strict and meticulous, realistic, for each review carefully review the log file content, for machinery company capacity to ensure consistency of work to give approval, and in line with items a signature confirmation that the production agreement review of work at all levels of the department heads are up to the expectations and hopes machinery company in the future and work in strict accordance with the announcement of the documents for production, the company management to more standardization and institutionalization of development.

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