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Sanxing "Hang Ming" special lightweight car market ushered in new breakthroughs

Source :Samsung Machinery     Add Time : 2015-02-03     PV :

Since Sanxing Group "Ming Hang" lightweight special vehicle research and development and the market has been resorting to environmental protection, energy, security and other features, quickly open the logistics market, it has been widely praised, has become a new era of transportation logistics industry leader.

The so-called lightweight vehicles, is to use scientific methods and means to optimize the design of automotive products, in ensuring the premise of automobile comprehensive performance through the use of new materials to reduce the weight of its own as automotive products, achieve weight loss, energy, environmental protection, composite indicator security. Sanxing Group is committed to the development of lightweight special vehicle production, the use of national advanced technology and equipment, have launched a lightweight high-strength lightweight aluminum tankers and other products, its production capacity and product advantages.

Recently, the reporter in Sanxing Machinery Company workshop production of lightweight scene learned that various types of automated production equipment is an orderly operation of plant workers are busy producing a number of lightweight tanks for cars, as orders heavy task tight, the workers every day to work overtime, the quality and quantity of complete processing tasks.

It is reported that, at present, has been widely used in all kinds of aluminum profiles requires very high strength aerospace, ships, high-speed rail. Aluminum has a steel incomparable advantages, advantages in the truck field is highlighted. With the domestic environmental and energy issues become increasingly severe, new aluminum trailer, whether from the economic, social, or from the safety and environmental point of view, has incomparable superiority. Lightweight is the inevitable trend in the automotive industry, the market demand will be growing.

November 2014, the Sanxing Group, the collection of international and aerospace God together to create the set of soft intelligent logistics equipment project was officially launched, outstanding business integrity of the three industry work together to promote the progress and development of China's logistics equipment industry. When the project started, the Sanxing Group and the machinery company through innovative management mechanism, improve human resource allocation, enhance the level of hardware facilities and technical strength, the ability to provide a solid guarantee for cooperation projects manufacturing operation. Enter 2015, "Ming Hang" special lightweight car market ushered in new breakthroughs and achieve New Year's production and sales opener.

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