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SanxingMachinery company passed the quality management, occupational health and safety management system audit

Source :Samsung Machinery     Add Time : 2014-10-15     PV :

In recent years, Samsung Machinery Company has been a strong focus on management as the basis, to facilitate the effective operation of the company's management system through a variety of effective measures. Recently, the radius of the center experts to mechanical company's quality management system and occupational health and safety management system in line with the multifaceted work and effectiveness of the audits, etc., and finally, Samsung Machinery company successfully through this external audit.

Radius of the center of three experts on the mechanical operation of the company's system work carried out a comprehensive review of the system. Each department manager Geng leopard Samsung Group Management Dept, production machinery company is mainly responsible for full participation in the audit.

The first meeting of the external audit, the audit team leader for the area of certification of the case are described, and this audit work carried out meticulous arrangements. Subsequently, the audit department responsible experts reviewed separately under the division. In the equipment department, security department and property management division, according to the relevant provisions of the expert review documentation for a detailed audit, after communication, on-site guidance. In the workshop of grain and oil, Health and Technology Department of the audit, the quality manual, procedures, etc. have been read, the relevant provisions of the refinement. When quality control section, lightweight special vehicle workshop reviewed the relevant documents for the preparatory work fully affirmed, recommended continuing efforts in the design and development, especially lightweight special vehicles, should assess the quality objectives decomposition On intensify.

External audit at the end of meeting, the three experts were made for this review evaluated. As a certified company for many years, they first made sure the machinery company in terms of system operation and management performance, particularly in document management and unified approach to implementation of the goals have reached a higher level. For the decomposition quality objectives and health and safety objectives, corporate standards standardization, identification of new equipment hazards, especially understanding of occupational health and safety management system for version of the relevant knowledge, etc., the experts on-site to give guidance.

Through this external audit, the Samsung Group Machinery Company will further optimize its quality management system, continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system, in order to ensure the company's healthy long-lasting development.

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